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Thanks to all the Series I contributors. If you’d like to get involved in the next series, please read the guidelines below.

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

Screaming Sundays is a new blog series featuring writers from around the world.  The vision for Screaming Sundays is to give writers of all kinds a platform to share commentary, reviews and opinion on topics that are relevant to the creative community we find ourselves a part of.

Each series will last for 5 weeks. Each Sunday of those 5 weeks there will be a new post written by a different guest blogger. There will most likely be 3 series a year, depending on the level of interest and number of submissions we receive. If you’re a writer, songwriter, artist, editor or publisher or simply love reading poetry and fiction and would like to be featured on Screaming Sundays, read on…

What exactly?
Think BROAD when it comes to the variety of topics that could be featured on Screaming Sundays. We don’t want to put anyone in a box, but here are some ideas of what the posts could cover:

  • writers in your local area that you think are brilliant and deserve someone talking about them
  • a particular litmag or literary project you think others would be interested in knowing about
  • a commentary piece on underground literature, or a review of a (well-crafted!) small press book
  • do you write for a cause? Screaming Sundays is a great platform to tell others about this cause
  • have something to say about the written word and how it relates to your area of expertise or interest (songwriters, artists, etc)?

For more ideas, read previous Screaming Sundays Posts.

Submissions are accepted year around and need to meet the following criteria:

– maximum of 750 words (we’re all about brevity!)

– an original, but can be previously published on your own blog

– include a short bio of the author with social media links (twitter, facebook, tumblr, blog site, etc.)

– include an image for your bio and author page (preferably, you’ve got a Gravatar account)

 What happens next?
Submit your piece for Screaming Sundays to with

‘Submission: (title of piece)’ in the subject line.

Every submission will receive a response. If your piece is chosen for Screaming Sundays you’ll be notified of the date you’ll be featured as a guest blogger.

What do I get out of it?
Guest blogging is a great way to share who you are and what you’re doing with a new audience. Every guest blogger will have an author’s bio displayed permanently on SWB. Screaming Sundays gives writers or other creatives a chance to write something that might be a bit different from what their usual style is. Guest blogging allows you to build on your portfolio and connect with other creatives and bloggers.  It’s a win/win for everyone. Get involved.

Check out some of our previous Screaming Sundays posts below.

This series is curated by:

Esther Hall
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Esther Hall

An American living in Bristol, UK. Lover of all things creative, including cocktails. I like photography and I like to play with images. I mostly spend my time planning things, learning things and trying to figure it all out. And along the way, I help creative people get stuff done.
Esther Hall
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    • Hi, what a cool idea. I’m a writer in Bristol UK and found this through ‘Small Stories’. I’d love to contribute and will give it some thought. Thanks

      • Hi Amy, Screaming Sundays is a project we are quite excited to get off the ground.
        Thanks for your interest.