Writer/Reviewer/Blogger/Artist: Matthew J. Hall

Matthew J. Hall is an avid reader, writer and reviewer of literary fiction and poetry. He’s not the MFA type of guy and isn’t really interested in your latest blog post entitled “10 tips for writers to write better right now!” He’s worked in many factories and warehouses assembling, packing and picking everything from shoes to pornographic magazines and has had his share of life experiences. He’s old beyond his years and falls into the typical stereotype of a writer who likes to drink whiskey and smoke – he does enjoy both more than he should, but at least makes an effort to cut back from time to time. If he lives long enough, Matthew aims to one day live a quiet life by a body of water, drinking whiskey, eating cheese and writing.

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Basically, Matthew J. Hall pays me in special favours to post his stuff and make this site look good. I dare you to find a typo. Contact me for…well, anything having to do with this site at emhall@screamingwithbrevity.com and connect with me on Twitter and Tumblr.

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