A Review: Sedimentary Iguana-Land by Carl Miller Daniels

Sedimentary Iguana-Land by Carl Miller Daniels and published by Bareback Press, begins with a heartfelt and personable note from the author explaining the origin, intention and premise of this unique little book of lists, ideas,observations and persuasions.

The note begins thusly, “For many years, I’ve been scribbling stuff down on 3×5 cards and then tossing those cards into a battered old cardboard box – almost as if, oh I don’t know, I’d been getting ready to do a chapbook. Or at least thinking about it…”

What follows is exactly that; a chapbook of wonderfully incomplete thoughts, delightfully explicit suggestions and hilarious ponderings which are executed in a seemingly unedited fashion. The book has an authentic feel and in the reading one can imagine Daniels penning a thought on a 3×5, chuckling to himself and tossing the quip into the battered old cardboard box for a rainy day.

The aforementioned, introductory note from the author goes on to describe the conversation between writer and publisher.

“Do you like this stuff? Do you think it’s a book? Do you want to publish it? I know it’s a bit different than other stuff I’ve written, but, well, do you like it anyway? If so, do you think it’d make a chapbook? A kinda weird one? Kinda experimental? I know it’s kinda out there – but do you want to give it a shot and see how it turns out?”

Obviously, since the book is available for purchase, the publisher answered in the affirmative. Resulting in a chapbook unlike any other this reviewer has ever read. It is a quick read, full of laughter, style and fun.

Here is Carl Miller Daniels on…

Art: Art is about creating the
illusion of intimacy – –
with perfect strangers

All People who think you
are artists…
You are!
Doesn’t mean you are good.
Doesn’t mean you are bad.
Just means…you are.
(Somehow that’s enough??)

Art is about creating the
illusion of intimacy – –
and yet you are alone.

Carl Miller Daniels on sex…

How Would You Like To Be
sex-slave to
16-yr-old boys?
How? All 18? of them
I am tired
do THEY get tired?
Of course

Forbidden question

about those priests…
what if those little boys
wanted it,and
liked it

Dangerous last words

give me
that gun

dangerous last words


That Kind of Day (Sept 15 2009)

Oliver Stone is 63.
Prince Harry is 25.
Patrick Swayzee died
I had only junk mail in my mailbox.

The book ends in the same friendly fashion in which it began: with a personable note from the author where, in equally affable fashion, he refers to himself as a “twisted little fucker”. It has to be said, Carl Miller Daniels is a twisted little fucker; he is also instantly relatable, heartfelt and friendly. Sedimentary Iguana-Land is an authentic look at the notes written between poems. It is funny, genuine, unedited and an altogether one-of-a-kind chapbook. It is homoerotic, hilarious, occasionally moving and above all, it is ninety-three pages of unadulterated fun.


Title: Sedimentary Iguana-Land
Author: Carl Miller Daniels
Publisher: Bareback Press
Page Count: 114
ISBN 13: 978-1926449128
Price: $8.50


Matthew J. Hall

Matthew J. Hall

An avid reader, writer and reviewer of poetry and short fiction. Author of Blood Pudding Press 2015 chapbook contest winner, Pigeons and Peace Doves and The Human Condition is a Terminal Illness will soon be available through Bareback Press (2017).
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